REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
October 8, 2013
9:50 am

5 Ways to Make Money with Pay-Per-Click on REACH Network

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Can you name all the five before reading the article? I bet you can’t – it’s really hard to realize REACH network’s full potential right away. That’s why we prepared this post about traffic monetization ideas and added a few examples.


So, let’s start with the most obvious way to earn money with REACH Network.

1. Selling traffic

What do publishers expect from PPC networks? Right, profits. We not just make sure you get the profits – we make sure you get them timely. That’s why we transfer payments twice a month. You don’t have to wait long to get your money on your hands and invest them further.

The minimal bids start from $0.0008. And as the competition for the ad placements grows – so do the bids. And on REACH Network publishers get 70% of the bids. The publisher share may increase up to 90% in case you continually provide us with a lot of quality traffic.The record daily income of one of our publishers amounted to $3195. The monthly record is $86985. Someone sure knows how to monetize traffic efficiently.

We normally cooperate with direct advertisers which means there are no intermediaries but for REACH Network. For you that again means higher income as there is no commission to be paid to various go-between agencies.

But if you don’t have your own traffic to sell, you may always resell REACH Network traffic.

2. Reselling traffic

Traffic resellers’ money making schemes resemble the ones of arbitrages: they buy cheap traffic and sell it at a bigger price. The major difference is that traffic resellers don’t need to have a website. Of course, the margin they get may not be as impressive as the arbitrage profit. But the efforts required are also minimal. Normally traffic reselling deals are closed on specialized forums like and or on LinkedIn. And the cheap traffic is bought on various resources including REACH Network. So if you are not that keen on online advertising but you are an innate profiteer – you might get interested in traffic reselling.

3. Engaging in traffic arbitrage

This monetization technique implies more sophisticated manipulations with traffic.

The job of an arbitrager includes three major components: buying cheap traffic, maintaining a quality website and selling ad places on this website. Provided that your advertising profits exceed your traffic spending and expenses connected with site support – you are a successful arbitrager.

We have created the most favorable conditions for this kind of online business. Cheap and at the same time good-quality traffic leaves you enough room for arbitraging.

You may buy fairly cheap traffic on REACH Network (cooperation with direct publishers makes it possible for us to set low prices) and find more beneficial offers on networks specializing in targeted advertising.

4. Sharing XML feeds

If you have a small or a big PPC network that deals with search traffic – you might be interested in cooperation with REACH Network on XML feed basis. Like, if you have a large network of publishers or good quality traffic – we may supply you with new/our ads in XML format and you’ll get paid in case you get the clicks for it.

You may also share your XML feeds with us – this way your advertisers get access to the ad platforms of REACH Network publishers. You may then sell our traffic to your advertiser at a bigger price. The margins will then form your profits.

And for dessert – a simple way to get some passive income with REACH Network.

5. Building referral network

If you are well-connected in the advertiser/publisher world – you can benefit from that! Just encourage them to sign up for REACH Network and get a pretty generous share of what they spend/ earn in REACH Network system.

If you feel like you can bring us clients – don’t wait until they sign up for REACH campaigns themselves – give them a referral invitation link (can be found in your profile) and watch money flow in your referral statistics field.

If you are an advertiser, we will gladly share 10% of income brought to us by your advertiser referrals. These referrals are called 1st tier referrals. The ones brought by 1st tier referrals are 2nd tier referrals and you’ll get 3% of their REACH Network advertising budgets.

The publishers get 8% from the earnings of their referrals. So as your referral network grows – each dollar is earned with less (if any) effort.

That’s pretty much it. Apparently, traffic stands for success in the online world. So any kind of business evolving around selling, buying or exchanging traffic is considered prospective and lucrative. Certainly worth trying!

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