REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
January 13, 2014
6:03 pm

A Peek into the World of 2nd Tier PPC Networks

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In case you’ve checked our PPC dictionary, you probably know what 2nd tier networks are. Basically these are the networks other than the three major PPC engines Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Advertising. The technology they are using and the tasks they deal with are so different, that it’s really hard to give a short and precise definition of what 2nd tier networks are.

That is why we’ve decided to analyze 50 2nd tier PPC search engines to paint you a picture of 2tier PPC world. We came across these names on PPC forums and Q&A websites. Our list includes well-established networks like Value click Media as well as small new ones that were only founded last year. We suggest you check our research and get the idea of how versatile the world of 2nd tier PPC networks is.

You may find the actual list of networks that we’ve analyzed at the end of this article.


Geographical distribution

The infographic above illustrates where the headquarters of 50 networks under consideration are situated. The empty circles stand for the branch offices of these companies.

However, it’s all very relative. Normally each network deals with traffic from all around the globe. But if you are thinking of setting up your own network you may check the infographic to see where the business climate seems to be the most favorable for PPC advertising.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most PPC Networks have their headquarters in New York and California because these states are actually the USA’s leading states when it comes to Information Technology development. There are also a couple of networks situated in Western Europe, India ( the well-known Chitika is from there) and Ukraine.

Years of establishment


The concept of bid-based PPC was developed in 1998 at (which was later renamed to Overture and acquired by Yahoo in 2003). That is why it comes as no surprise that the oldest networks from our list were founded this same year. 1999 saw a real boom in PPC advertising industry – almost one fifth of our list were founded then. And that, by the way, was the year when Google started its search engine advertising.

Some networks from the list have a pretty exciting history with changing brand names and acquiring smaller networks. For example, ValueClick media acquired around 20 companies and networks to become that large a corporation it is now.

Still the pace at which new PPC networks are emerging is unlikely to slow down. The reason is the new tendencies bring about new niches that new PPC businesses rush to fill in.

As you see there are quite a number of networks in our list that are more than 10 years old. That gives us an idea that running a quality PPC advertising network is in fact a very rewarding and long-lasting business if you skillfully adjust it to the constantly emerging online trends.


2nd tier networks are really hard to compare. The reason is the diversity of PPC solutions. Some of these networks are fairly big and publish the ads on a well-established media websites like New York Times; others use the inventories of big and small blogs. Some networks are more focused on brand awareness campaigns and offer multiple impressions at bargain prices; others are aimed at gaining conversions for their clients and therefore offer more sophisticated targeting opportunities.

Some networks offer cross-device advertising, other companies decide to become niche experts and deal with a small segment within PPC advertising, like mobile advertising.

Some networks develop their own tools. Like, American-Ukrainian company Nster have developed a special widget that makes advertising for publishers easier. We on REACH Network, for example, have introduced advanced filtering system which helps to filter traffic with desirable parameters (such as time on site and number of page views).

A few networks (among them Infolinks and Kontera) are determined to fight banner blindness and offer their clients advertising with in-text ads which organically intertwine with the content of their publishers’ websites.

It’s also becoming a common practice for PPC companies to develop white-label ad servers. This way, PPC enthusiasts with connections in online advertising world may create their own network brand and benefit from technology developed by well-established PPC platforms.

Now that you’ve made through the whole article, you may check the list of 2nd tier PPC networks below together with their locations. If you still hesitate whether or not to get acquainted with 2-tier PPC world, here is our recommendation – certainly do. The trick is to find the one that is suitable for your web project at this very stage of development.


7Search USA,IL
Clicksor Canada
Marchex USA, Washington USA,MD USA, CA
REACH Network The UK
AdclickMedia USA, NY
AdKnowledge USA, MO
Admanage Costa Rica
Admarketplace USA, NY USA, CA
Trafficvance USA, CA
Direct CPV Canada
Ad:Dynamo South Africa
AdOn Network USA, AZ
LeadImpact USA, Washington
ValueClick Media USA, CA
Illyx Adnetwork France
Burstmedia USA, MA
Adengage USA, WY
Epom Ukraine
Edomz USA, VA
Outbrain USA, NY
nRelate USA, NY
Zemanta USA, NY
Taboola USA, NY
Chitika India
BuySellAds USA, MA
Adperium The Netherlands
Adversal USA, IN
CPX Interactive USA, NY
IndustryBrains USA, NY
Resultlinks USA, CA
AdBlade USA, NJ
RevContent USA, FL
Qualibid Canada
Zedo USA, CA
Exoclick Spain
Traffic Junky Cyprus
AdMagma India
Adtegrity USA, MI
Bannerconnect The Netherlands
Lukads Belgium
Infolinks USA, CA
Kontera USA, CA



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