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REACH Network Team
October 21, 2013
11:30 am

Building up Brand Recognition: RON Traffic Campaigns VS TV Ads

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Have you heard the forecast about the decreasing role of TV in 2013? Finally the statement that TV is more popular than digital media no longer holds true.

According to the recent figures, now an average American spends just four and a half hours in front of the TV every day. Whereas more than five hours are spent viewing media on digital devices like tablets, smartphones and feature phones. In fact 2013 is the first year when digital devices have finally outrun TV as the major information source in the USA. And there is a particularly evident growth in smartphone and tablet usage.

Average Time Spent per Day with Major Media by US Adults, 2010-2013



What television is really good at from an advertiser’s point of view is building brand recognition. If you think about it, you will realize that you first learned about many of the brands you now use from TV commercials. Now marketers need to look for digital alternatives to TV ads – and we do think that RON traffic campaigns might be it. Despite the big difference in the ways that the ad messages are delivered, both advertising channels have a lot in common. We’ll know try to explain why RON ads are no less efficient at brand recognition building than TV commercials.

Some brand building theory

As you know any brand goes through several development stages: non-recognition, recognition, preference and loyalty. And the aim of the first ad messages is to bridge the gap between non-recognition and recognition. Consequently, at this stage the ads should

– Reach large audience

– Have an informative function

– Test the response

– Contribute to building brand presence

Advertisers should consider online advertising tools that are similar in effect to TV commercials. This means that online ads should reach a massive audience, get the customer multi-exposed to the ad message and reach the consumer when he is in a relaxed frame of mind. RON campaigns answer to all the requirements.

RON campaigns and how they are similar to TV ads

Advertising with RON campaigns is a truly unique technique. If you are reading this blog, you probably know how it works: you create an account on a PPC (pay per click) network, create a catchy ad text, place your product/brand name in the ad title and insert the landing URL. The network then places your ad on a multitude of ad platforms. As you don’t target any keywords with RON ads – the price is really low. Another attractive aspect is that you only pay for the clicks. This means that you product name gets enormous exposure – and you don’t need to pay for that.

Also just like TV ads that reach us at home when we feel comfortable and are open to new information, RON ads get in our way in the similar kind of situations. Just consider: the most frequently used ad platforms in RON traffic campaigns include entertainment websites, media networks and popular blogs that are likely to be viewed in a laid-back homey atmosphere after a hard day at work. In this state people are more likely to take in the new information.

As any other online tool, RON campaigns give you a chance to test customer reaction. For example, when you see that the CTR (click-through-rate) is steadily growing – this may indicate that the brand recognition has been achieved to a certain extent (people start getting curious about the product) and it’s time to start building brand preference.

RON campaign techniques you should know when promoting a brand

There are a few aspects to consider when using RON campaigns for brand building advertising.

    – Be reasonable when choosing the landing pages. As it’s only for the first time that a consumer sees your product name – your landing page should be informative. Something like a descriptive video or a detailed product review with quality photos will be perfect.

    – Continually track CTR in the tables and charts provided by your PPC Network.

    – Try split testing (implies placing two identical ads with only one element changed – for example, slogan or ad title) – if you can’t decide between several slogans or brand names – you may find out which one is more clickable and calling-to-action.

    – Identify the sources with particularly responsive audience and target these sources on further stages of brand development.

When you sense that it’s time to build brand loyalty – this may be the stage when you need to stop your RON traffic campaigns and concentrate on more targeted marketing endeavors – building and maintaining brand loyalty requires more sophisticated techniques.

Apparently RON traffic is efficient not only when the new product is launched. Other situations when RON traffic is a clear choice include: entering a new market (just change the settings to target different regions) and product relaunch when you want to announce the comeback of your brand.

To sum up – RON traffic is an online marketing tool you should use on the introduction stage as well as on decline stages of your product’s lifecycle if you want to relaunch the whole process. And it’s the best value for money you can imagine when it comes to brand development and building online presence. In fact, now many advertising agencies start offering this kind of advertising to their clients who want to promote their freshly created brand.

So what’s your opinion on the matter? Share your ideas on brand recognition building in the comments below.

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