REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
May 13, 2014
2:48 pm

Traffic quality on REACH Network: Adometry score, Integral Ad science and Blocking Controls

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Fraud-free traffic is probably number one requirement when choosing a PPC network. So in this article we’ll explain all traffic quality assurance techniques that we currently apply on REACH Network. Briefly and accessibly.

The two pillars of fraud prevention system on REACH Network are Adometry and Integral Ad science – both experienced third-party companies offering complex fraud-fighting solutions. In addition to them we apply blocking controls that fend off ineligible users.


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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
April 4, 2014
12:59 pm

Introducing New Traffic Sources on REACH Network

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Once a month we will be posting best performing traffic sources here in our blog, as well as in a newsletter to our advertisers. Follow updates regularly for most updated traffic sources to whitelist.

To get maximum quality traffic you can choose between these 2 options.

1. Here is a list of proven quality traffic sources for Audience (PV/TOS) traffic type. Keep in mind that the volume is limited and higher bids win traffic.

Whitelist these sources IDs in your campaign setup by copypasting the whole list to Whitelist sources field. Find page views, time on site, geo and optimal bid data in the spreadsheet.

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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
December 23, 2013
10:48 am

UTM Tags and How They Benefit PPC Advertising

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You know how sometimes when shopping you need to make a little effort to get a bonus. Like, you may fill in a questionnaire and get a discount card. It’s similar with UTM tags: you need to modify your click URL just a little to be able to get loads of valuable statistics in addition to your cool PPC campaign results. So let’s just see what UTM tags are all about and how they can make your life easier.


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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
November 25, 2013
9:57 am

Are You Making These 6 PPC Mistakes?

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Mistakes are inevitable. Especially if you are new to PPC. A great way to avoid them is reading common mistakes check-lists once in a while. So read the one here to become a better PPC advertiser.


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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
November 13, 2013
1:22 pm

Attention Publishers!

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There has been a slight change in the way we link your inventories to REACH Network feed.

Earlier we used link type for this purpose. The new link type is You need to update the link to keep the ads flowing to your website.

Here is how you change the link:

1. Log into your profile through
2. Click on the “Feed” section in the left sidebar
3. Find the new link at the bottom of the page
4. Update the link.

If you keep using the old link, REACH Network ads won’t be able to reach you. So change the settings as soon as possible. And use the new link type to connect your new inventories to our feed.
So keep up with the updates and all the best with publishing on REACH Network!

REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
November 4, 2013
10:08 am

Running REACH Network PPC Campaigns Like a Pro

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This is a valuable piece both for those who already run their campaigns on REACH Network as well as for those who only plan on setting up one.

The thing is many of you don’t go beyond filling in the basic fields when tuning the campaign. As a result, you don’t use all the free advanced options that we offer. So why not leverage the functionality to the full?


You should know that there are several campaign-setting stages when you can make your campaign more efficient, more customized and more paying-off. So go to Campaigns > New campaign and make sure all the fields on the page are paid due attention to.

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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
October 8, 2013
9:50 am

5 Ways to Make Money with Pay-Per-Click on REACH Network

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Can you name all the five before reading the article? I bet you can’t – it’s really hard to realize REACH network’s full potential right away. That’s why we prepared this post about traffic monetization ideas and added a few examples.


So, let’s start with the most obvious way to earn money with REACH Network.

1. Selling traffic

What do publishers expect from PPC networks? Right, profits. We not just make sure you get the profits – we make sure you get them timely. That’s why we transfer payments twice a month. You don’t have to wait long to get your money on your hands and invest them further.

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