REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
November 11, 2013
9:30 am

Uncommon Ways to Use RON Traffic Marketing

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The restriction to only text ads in RON campaigns may scare off those who like to get creative with videos and banners, but little they know about numerous creative goals RON ads can be applied to achieve.


We’ve recently come across a few posts on how to use Search traffic ads creatively. That inspired us to make a similar list for RON traffic advertising (that’s because we are so good with RON traffic). So here are the five unusual RON application areas.

Before-launch product testing

It may take time to create a concept of a product, and after that you need some months or even years to set up production and distribution systems. Meanwhile, you have no idea what people’s reaction is going to be. Uncertainty is the worst. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Describe the future product on your website and attract thousands of visitors to read the review and give their feedback.

Tip: Make sure to choose Premium RON traffic. The thing is the traffic behind Premium RON features higher Adometry score than High RON and Ultra RON. So, Premium audience is more likely to take their time and thoroughly check your landing page. And since it’s the human reaction you need to test, it’s the engaged audience you should be looking to buy. This tip applies for all the ideas in this article.

Advertising idea testing

This is similar to the previous point. Only now it’s the ad message not the product that is being tested. As you know, sometimes the most pleasant-sounding product names may perform not so well when it comes to conversion. Let’s rule out the possibility of failure: test the effectiveness of your ad message with a short pre-campaign RON testing. If people that go to the website end up doing what you want them to do (actually click on the ad, read through the post that you’ve published, watch the video completely), the ad text works. If not, reconsider it before launching the campaign. It is particularly reasonable to do this test if you plan on running both offline and online advertising campaigns. It is good to know whether your slogan inspires conversion or engagement before you print it on dozens of costly billboards.

Tip: If you have several ideas of product names or advertising messages, split-test them all by setting up several RON campaigns!


Are you involved in some kind of non-profit organization? If yes, then probably you need some financial resources to carry out more projects. RON traffic is a great solution in this case. Donating money to charity is the kind of idea that often comes out of the blue. Search traffic will only get you very determined donators and these ones have probably outlined the circle of charity funds they donate to long ago. Besides, in case you are a non-profit organization, you probably don’t feel like running costly search traffic campaigns but rather employ the opportunities of inexpensive RON traffic.

Tip: Since you don’t want people to think of your ad as some kind of scam, think of a credible landing page and don’t make the ad text too blatant. After all, it’s charity we are talking about here.

Event promotion

Since RON traffic is geo-targeted, you may quickly gather audience for an event that may appeal to a vast segment within a particular region/country. For example, if it’s a seminar for self-improvement or an exhibition with free gifts for visitors, many people might be interested (the only requirement is that the venue is not that far away from where they live). It’s no use trying to figure out relevant keywords and spend a fortune on bids. Instead of targeting keywords target people. The affordable prices for RON traffic make it possible to reach a pretty big audience without spending too much.

Tip: When making up the ad text, include the benefits that a visitor may get from visiting your event. Give them a reason to write it down in their organizer!

Personal goals

Normally PPC advertising is used for business objectives, but take a wider view here: don’t you have personal ideas, opinions, questions or needs that might need PPC exposure? Perhaps you are looking for a job, thinking of conducting a survey or searching ways to promote your video. All these and many other ideas may be successfully realized using the opportunities of PPC.

And, by the way, if you are talented and want the world to know how you dance/ sing/ perform, RON campaigns may be extremely useful to spread your talent. Why not?

Tip: In case realizing your personal goal involves some self-presentation, place a video on your landing page and, obviously, choose Video RON when setting the campaign. You’ll see how your idea is spreading over the world with each view. If you are applying for a job of a PPC manager with the help of display campaigns, your chances for success increase significantly.

The list may be continued forever. With RON traffic, any web page may get enormous exposure momentarily. All you need to do is think a little outside the box. We ourselves believe that one day all the best ideas will get their initial exposure through RON traffic campaigns.

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